Library Ministry

Church Librarian: Mrs. Beth Kuykendall, and Mrs. Theresa Broadway

LIBRARY NEWS – Open on Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

Did you know that your church library has DVD’s for adults and children?

We have plenty of good books for everyone in the family’s reading pleasure. Enhance your Bible study by visiting your church library. We have books available that will assist you in studying your Sunday School lessons and that will assist you with your daily Bible study. Plus, we have books for pleasure reading for adults, young people, and children. There are also DVDs for all ages, books on tape, CD’s of wonderful music and videos of all kind.

Come visit your church library and check out something to watch or read.

We are providing media graphics of material, available in the library, which follow your course of study in Sunday School. Please take advantage of this material to assist in studying your lessons.